Research, publications, manuscripts, contributions, and other writing, including my master’s thesis and scholarly and popular articles. While it is rare that I put pen to paper these days, there may be few and far-between contributions in the future. More to come…

Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly)

  • Butosi, Craig. 2012. “Social Net-working: Exploring the Political Economy of the Online Social Network Industry.” (MA Thesis). Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. Paper 693. http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/etd/693/

Peer-Reviewed (Popular)


  • Burkell, Jacquelyn A.; Fortier, Alexandre; Wong, Lorraine; and Simpson, Jennifer Lynn. (2013). “The View From Here: User-Centered Perspectives on Social Network Privacy.” FIMS Library and Information Science Publications. Paper 25. http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/fimspub/25